Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Truman!

Truman turned 1 on February 27.  Wow, what a crazy year.  If anyone had told me when he was born that by his first birthday we would have sold everything and been living as transients in a pop up, I would have never believed it. 
Brian, Amber, and Truman (one day old)
Truman (one year old)
His birthday was the first sunny day since we arrived.  We decided to do a bit of exploring.  We were hoping to find a nice place to eat and celebrate.  Everyone we had met said Fairhope, Alabama was a “can’t miss” town and it was only about 30 minutes from where we were camped.  In our opinion, Fairhope was an “okay” town.  The coolest sight was the self-sustaining organic grocery with everything from solar and wind power to produce grown on site.  The streets were lined with trendy shops and most of the restaurants closed between 1pm and 5pm.  When you sell everything for a life on the road “stuff” tends to take on a whole new meaning.  We found ourselves uncomfortable even window shopping.  There was nothing there we needed and the reduction in our material possessions seemed to reduce our wants as well.  We did stumble upon an open Irish pub.  One thing we did need and want was a decent lunch.  Walking around Fairhope had given us an appetite.  We ordered the fish tacos and a couple of drinks and found a comfortable spot out on the patio.  The sun was shining and it felt marvelous to be outside in February.   A group came through looking for a Geo Cache.  The bar’s patio was the last stop leading them to the “treasure”. 
Amber and Truman on the pub patio

Geo Cache Crew

The pub recommended Felix's Fish Camp Grill on the causeway for dinner.  We packed back into the car and headed towards our dinner destination.  We couldn't have picked a better place to celebrate Truman's first birthday.  The service and food were magnificent.  We had an amazing view of the sunset on the bay.  They even brought Truman a piece of cake with a sparkler. 

Restaurant View

Birthday Boy!

Sad to see the night come to an end, we arrived "home" to find a special birthday package on our door step.  It contained one Elmo birthday card, one stuffed gator, and one Alabama coloring book.  A special thanks to Laura V and Jumpin' Jony for leaving the perfect gift and giving us a warm Alabama welcome!  What an amazing end to an amazing day!

 Happy Birthday Little Man!!!

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