Monday, February 25, 2013

Rain, Rain, and more Rain!

Depending on which local we talk to the weather is either normal or out of the ordinary.  Regardless, our second morning in Mobile we woke up in a full flood surrounding the pop up and car.  No strangers to rain (while camping), this amount of rain in such a short span of time was a first for us.  Since it appeared the rain would continue, the campground staff offered us a chance to move to a site with a concrete pad.  We debated moving, weighing our options.  In the end, we decided moving was best.
  Looking for a short reprieve from the rain, we decided to make our move.  As we began transferring water proof containers from the pop up to the grass, the rains began again.  Moving a pop up is much like moving a takes a lot of tedious tear down and setup.  We decided not to completely collapse the pop up for the move across the campground in an effort to save time.
  I'm sure we looked much like a circus making our way from one end of the campground to the other pulling our pop up open pop up at 5 miles an hour. 
10 days later, upon our departure from Meaher, a puddle still remained in site 1.  Turns out we made a good choice.

Our car tires with water to the rims

Almost shin deep water outside the pop up

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