Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Orleans by Bicycle

We left Pittsburgh with two bicycles and thanks to my Aunt Angel, we were able to invest in a decent child's bike seat.  She had generously sent Truman an e-gift card to Babies R Us for his birthday at the end of February.  Little did we know just how much joy this would bring Truman specifically.  All we really knew when we headed out this day was that we wanted to use our bikes and see how Truman liked his new perch as co-pilot of his Daddy's bicycle.  After a brief consultation of our city maps we settled on checking out Louis Armstrong Park, New Orleans City Park, and  the Archdiocesan Cemeteries.   Both parks accommodate bike riders.  Louis Armstrong Park is very small with beautifully landscaped grassy areas interlaced with mini ponds and waterways.  This provided an abundance of ducks to feed.  It was also a great place for a picnic.  From there the Archdiocesan Cemetery is only about 2 blocks away.  Riding to the cemetery was fairly easy, but through the cemetery proved a bit challenging.  The above ground vaults are a sight to behold.  New Orleans City Park is HUGE.  The paved bike paths are extensive.  There is a multistage playground great for a variety of ages and abilities.  And best of all, the park houses the Morning Call 24 Hour Cafe, serving hot coffee and delicious beignets all hours of the day and night.  There were a lot of great photos taken this day.  It's only appropriate to let them tell this story.

Louis Armstrong Park... 
Louis Armstrong Park Selfie.

Beautiful waterway running through the park.

Taking a break for a picnic.

Truman loving the ride.

Dad feeding ducks.  Truman feeding...Truman.

Archdiocesan Cemetery...
Above ground vaults.

Plaque for the musicians tomb.

Beautiful monument against a brilliant blue sky.

Even pyramids.

Come on Dad!  Not another picture!

New Orleans City Park...
City Park Lake.  The bike path runs along lake and beyond.

Catching some rays.

Playground Pit Stop!

Followed by Beignets and Coffee from Morning Call.  Truman can't seem to get enough.

Art Garden exhibit sign says "no bikes".  Grrrrr!

One of my favorites.

Truman could not make this man smile...though he gave it his best shot!

Lake sculpture.

Baby-wearing in NOLA!

Another lake sculpture.

Turtles all the way down.




Archdiocesan Cemetery…

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