Saturday, March 9, 2013

Today's Special: Catch of the Day

We have been asked a lot of questions about how we eat while camping full time.  The general assumption is that we are living on hot dogs, hamburgers, and baked beans.  This is not the case, though we do enjoy those foods occasionally.  As we travel, I will highlight our best meals and how they are prepared.  The biggest challenge to date has been living out of a cooler.  What does this mean to us…frequent trips to the store for food and, more specifically, ice.
 This was made easier during our stay in New Orleans because Bayou Segnette State Park was just a few miles from both the grocery store and an open air sea food market.  Not only did we decide to purchase a variety of local catches, but also prepare them in a way customary to southern Louisiana.  While we were here we tried our hand at cooking seafood Gumbo, gator sausage jambalaya, blackened catfish, and breaded gator fillets. Oh, and I almost forgot…frog legs!   All of which Brian cooked over an open fire. 
    After asking several locals for advice regarding gumbo bases, we settled on a box base by Zatarain’s.  We used the same brand for our jambalaya.  Apparently, no one makes bases from scratch anymore…at least not anyone we asked.  The blackened catfish was from a recipe we found online using a variety of spices we already had on hand.  The gator fillets were breaded with a Zatarain’s garlic fish fry breading.  Finally, the frog legs were made, like chicken wings, using a locally made hot sauce purchased on one of our trips in to the city.  All of the foods we created during our stay were delicious.  I personally have tried gator on several occasions while dining in restaurants, only to be disappointed.  Many times the restaurant prepared gator was chewy and bland.  The fillets Brian made actually did “taste like chicken”. 
Local fish market

Prepping for open fire cooking

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