Friday, February 1, 2013

Leaving it all behind...

Did you ever just want to quit your life?  I’m not referring to the finality of suicide, nothing that grim… just the daily grind.  The get up, commute to work, pay the bills, buy more stuff, it’s like a cycle that never ends.  And you get stuck...stuck in a deep rut.  The weight of it all is a heavy burden for anyone to bear.  
For years we talked about leaving it all behind…and then came the excuses.  What about the house?  What about the pets?  What about the debt?  And then the newest excuse…what about the kid?  How do you go about creating a transient life once completely entrenched in suburbia?   
It’s been a rough couple of years for us.  Unhappy and searching for more we bought and bought some more.  We bought a new house.  We bought a TV for every room in it.  We bought a boat.  We tried desperately to fill our lives and feed our emotions with stuff.   This just meant we had to work harder to keep our “stuff” and the rift between us grew.  It became so bad we even separated for a period of time this Fall.  We had lost sight of what was truly important to us.  We had lost sight of the “us”.
It was time for a change.  It had to be drastic.  It had to happen fast.  We needed to resuscitate what was dying.  But how?  Always at our best when camping or traveling, we decided to focus on living in a way in which we excelled as partners and so the idea to live a life of travel was born.  We sold all our belongings, put the house on the market, found homes for the cats, and hit the road.     
We are the Gypsy 3 Wandering…and this blog is our story.


  1. The beginning of the greatest story ever told! At some point this should become a book Amber, you are very talented at writing and conveying your raw emotions and experiences.

    1. Thrasher,
      I'm flattered. Thank you for your kind words. We definitely appreciate your support. Please keep reading.

      Traveling Light,