Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Reminiscing bath times past

Beginning in Louisiana, we started bathing Truman in a clear Rubbermaid container.  Instead of transporting a baby bath which only served one purpose, we decided to use one of our large storage containers as a bath.  This offered the convenience of dual purposes as sealed storage during travel as well as a bath when stationary.  We would fill it with water in the morning and heat it in the sun.  This maintained a pre-bedtime bath routine we had started shortly after he was born.  It has created a sense of structure and familiarity no matter where we have been or what we have been living in.  This type of bathing was a necessity while living in the pop up, as it had no internal plumbing.  When we moved into the RV, it actually had a bathtub just slightly bigger than the Rubbermaid he was used to.  Here are some photos of baths along the way.
Bath time in Pittsburgh

Bath time in New Orleans

Bath time in Roosevelt

Truman is our water baby (born a Pisces...I guess it makes sense). Our little fish!  Seeing the enjoyment he gets out of water, we have offered multiple forms of water play for him...from sensory play to a baby pool and sprinklers.  In the past few days he has taken to crawling into the low plastic container we have set up for water play here in Hawaii.  Check him out just lounging away.  I am left to wonder if he is telling us it's time to get back on the road, back to camping, and back to bathing in water heated in the day's sun, outdoors in a clear Rubbermaid.

Bath time in Hawaii?

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