Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Truman's Milestones: Growing up on the road

When you sell all your possessions and hit the road to travel the world with a little one, you wonder if you are doing right by your child.  The voices of the naysayers dance in your head, but it seems our son may be better equipped for this life than his parents.    Truman has made friends everywhere we have been thus far.  With a wave of his hand and a clearly spoken "Hey!" he makes our introductions easy.  He is all extrovert.  He forces us out of our comfort zone and into the world.  Everyone knows Truman everywhere we go. 

Recently, I shared the most beautiful moment with our son. We were at the playground that sits on the hill just above the town house where we are staying here in Hawaii.  Truman also seems to have a knack for directions.  In Roosevelt, AZ he could get to the store where I worked, the club house in the RV park where we lived, and certain sites of campers who gave him special attention.  He has known how to get to and from the playground since just after we arrived here.  Of course, we would never let him venture alone to these destinations (though he could probably get there and back again without difficulty), but as unschooling minded parents, we tend to let him lead us in the direction HE wants to go.

He has started to play quite independently these days. Things he couldn't do just over a month ago are now a "piece of cake". This enables me to sit a bit and watch him in a less anxious state (will today be the day he falls and breaks...?).

He stopped playing and came to stand next to me where I was sitting on the platform. Every time he leaned in I kissed him and he laughed. All of a sudden he stopped, stretched out his arms and enveloped me in a great big hug! I thanked him for this hug and so he gave me another...and then another, laughing with pure delight each time I thanked him.  Kids tend to feel the emotions of the adults in their lives, so it was reasonable to assume our stress would have a negative effect on him.  This innocent moment of reciprocal love has made me rethink that idea...at least in regard to our son. 

 It's been a rough week here in Hawaii.  We have had several conversations regarding our choice and whether it may have been a big mistake.  Our son is thriving and it's moments like these that let us know as long as we have each other we can be anywhere in the world.  For now, the journey will continue.

Check out Truman's new skillz


  1. I certainly don't travel nearly as extensively as you guys, but Isla has spent a lot of her life in transition and traveling. Born in the USA, back to St. Kitts at 5 weeks old, USA and South Africa at 6 months, back and forth from St. Kitts to the USA several times around 8 months, Australia at 9 months (and spending a month living in a spare room of a friend), back to the USA at 14 months, and heading to New Zealand at 19 months (next week). I often wonder if we have helped or hindered her with all this "instability". I'd like to think that we have made her a person of the world. The only thing I think might have been slightly hindered was her walking development and that was only because we spent so much time in "non-baby-fied" areas that she couldn't test it out as early. I think Truman will also be a "man of the world"!

    1. Jen,
      Thank you so much for these words of encouragement and for following our travels via this blog. Your thoughts are always welcome. Hope to make it all the way to Australia someday soon.
      Traveling Light,

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