Friday, September 27, 2013

Winter Lodging

We have decided that upon our return to the "mainland", we would be interested in renting a furnished cabin for approximately four to six months.  This will give us the opportunity to "regroup" while living with some extra creature comforts through the winter months.  Our lodging in Hawaii was graciously covered by my birth mother.  Though it was indeed a "free" place to stay, expectations and reality are many times very different.  She already has a full house and the addition of two adults and one toddler added a dynamic that no one was fully prepared for.  At the completion of our visit we will have spent three months living in a three bedroom condo with a total of six adults and two children.  We are still living out of our suitcases, Truman and I have been sharing a twin bed, while Brian has taken up residence on the living room couch for the duration of our stay.  We are in desperate need of some family time with just the three of us.  We are also in need of a good night sleep on a decent bed and a return to some sense of normalcy.  In addition to the living situation, simply being back in an urban / suburban setting was difficult.  Daily sounds of traffic, sirens, and construction caused what can only be described as culture shock following nearly eight months of camping in rural locations.  We had grown accustomed to the peace and quiet. 

Our search for the perfect winter lodging began on  A property in Palomar, California peaked our interest.  We seriously considered this property, speaking with the owner several times.  During our first conversation via phone he advised we check out the property's rental reviews via  Though at first this rental seemed like "the one", the idea of having to vacate during Thanksgiving and Christmas made us reconsider this option.  Lucky for us, we never received the e-mail with the rental application for the Palomar property.  The owner was very kind, so I do want to provide a link to his website in case someone in that area may be interested in reserving his property for a mountain getaway.
 Using, I was able to find hundreds of properties that would suit our needs.  Vacation properties are appealing because they are furnished and prices are all inclusive, many times covering utilities, cable, internet, and more.  I sent out the following message to each prospective property.  

We are a family of 3, full time traveling and are considering wintering in the state of (...). We will be returning to the mainland on October 31 following an extended stay in Hawaii and would like to secure housing before our return. We are interested in this property. Please feel free to check out our blog and see if we are the type of family you might consider renting to  Hope to hear from you soon.
Amber Hobbins"

The response has been overwhelming.  Owners going out of their way to see if they can accommodate us for the winter...many offering deep discounts.  We focused our search in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Washington.

The property below is now the top contender.  I wish I could share the lovely e-mails we have received from the owners of this particular rental regarding accommodations and amenities should we decide to go with their property.  They have even offered to purchase a sled for Truman.  We would love the input of our readers.  Here is the link to their property.  Please let us know what you think.


  1. That looks cool!!! I envy you guys!

  2. It looks tilted, ha. But, I like it.

  3. Thanks guys! We are very excited. The "tilted" cabin will be our home until about mid November. Once the owners have vacated their more rural cabin we will move there. 28 days and counting. Thanks for your support. Keep reading :D!

    Traveling Light,