Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thanks for not giving up on us!

An almost two year old, a broken laptop (see almost two year old for questions), and a big bag of excuses have left our blog and Facebook page sorely neglected. For those out of the loop, we are currently staying in a log cabin located in the White Mountains of Northern AZ.  Not a neighbor in sight.  Glorious sunrises and sunsets.  The common wildlife visitors are rabbits, but we have been party to an elk visitation as well.  And of course the coyotes serenade us each night.  The holidays were lovely.  Thanksgiving was simple and delicious.  For Christmas we cut our own 10 ft tree.  And for New Year's, I watched children for a vacationing family and Brian and I celebrated with a You Tube recording of the ball drop, a bottle of champagne, and a kiss under the stars...2 days late.  Life is good.  

In less than a week, we'll have been on the road for one year.  Ideas for articles swim in my head daily. Trying to make a commitment to sit down (at least) once a week to reflect on the past and bring you all update on our present and future. Wishing all of you a belated Happy New Year! Thanks for not giving up on us!

Some recent pics...

Our first look at the new place

Better front view pic taken shortly after we moved in

Truman helping Daddy get firewood

And helping build the fire
We like fire...can you tell?!?

Happy Thanksgiving 2013 from our family to yours!

Merry Christmas!

Sunrise after the snow

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