Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Need to Move Along...

Haven't touched base in a while. It's been a stressful few weeks. All of my child care jobs ended at the end of May and we are really feeling the financial crunch. I have even considered selling my wedding and engagement rings...I still might.

Tensions run high when money is tight. And when I say tight, I mean I couldn't even buy toilet paper today. I have been waiting on a repayment from our land lord for purchases made for supplies for his vacation rental that I clean and stage. Apparently, those funds won't be available until tomorrow. Never have I been so happy to have baby wipes and paper towels on hand.

Our current choice to live in a rural area of Arizona, without significant research into the child care job market has done a serious number on our finances. 15 months on the road and we have been able to do it all on our own...until now.

Oh...and we have to move. The property owner stopped by about 3 weeks ago and told us the property is being sold and they will be starting repairs immediately to prepare for it's sale. We had been considering relocation, but this made it real...and urgent.

So the search began. It's like throwing darts at a map...well sort of. The radius needed to be a place our car would make it (as it currently could use some TLC). It also had to be a place where I could successfully secure consistent employment. I hopped on and in search of both affordable housing and abundant job options (this is something I failed to consider before relocating here last Fall). Lesson learned!

Why use VRBO?...because when you sell everything you own to travel, furnished rentals become a necessity. Colorado appeared to be both affordable and plentiful in high paying child care opportunities. I found a couple housing options, but in the end monthly price dictated the housing decision.

The selected house is located in Colorado Springs, more specifically in the Old Colorado City part of town. It is a house with a fenced yard and a neighborhood with sidewalks. There are playgrounds (plural) just blocks away in either direction. Apparently, I can even walk to the grocery store. This is a link to the house is such a great way to showcase my skills for free as well as find employment. Once I knew where we were going to settle, I began sending email applications to perspective families. I've had 4 responses in less than a week and 3 phone interviews. I currently have 2 families checking my references. I am 98% certain I will have a job by the time we arrive in our new home.

As I left the checkout line, unable to buy a 90 cent roll of toilet paper, I realized it just may be time to put aside my pride and reach out for help. I had shared privately with a few friends and those friends recommended Go Fund Me . The set up process was easier than anticipated and I was pleasantly surprised that within just hours of signing up we had our first donation.

If you choose to donate this is how your money will be used...


$1100 Deposit

$1100 First month's rent

$ 99 One time rental fee


$100 Uhaul Trailer Rental

$100 Gas

$35 Oil Change

$85 Registration Renewal


$100 Lodging for July 6 and 7

$50 Meals on road

The donations may be used for any and all of the above depending on how much money is collected. It may also be used to pay back loans to those who offered monetary support, but in the form of a loan. Ideally, with the current time line, I will need the funds for housing by July 1st and the additional funding by July 6th.  I have been able to negotiate an option with the owner to pay the deposit over 2 months, so if the goal is not met I will be leaving the donation page open for continued donations over time.

Any "known" donations will receive personalized "thank you" post cards created from pictures of our travels. I will reach out for addresses once we are situated in our new home.

Our intent is stay in Colorado a minimum of a year, to get financially stable once again and to figure out where we want to go from here.

Lastly, should you choose to share or donate, I send my deepest, sincerest thanks. Thank you for your part in helping me get where I need to be!

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