Monday, June 23, 2014


For weeks I have felt nothing, but stress.  Everything has been tight...from my pocket book to my clenched teeth.  I would go as far as to say I felt hopeless.  I discussed with friends how I felt like a bad parent.  They would laugh.  But seriously, who takes a infant/toddler across the United States and then runs out of money?!?  I was angry with myself.

At first, I tried negotiating with the new landlord.  We hadn't had to pay a security deposit here and we had waived the deposit for our own tenants back in Pittsburgh.   Unfortunately, this was a dead end.  The home owner felt very strongly about having a deposit in place.  Apparently, they had been lenient in the past and had un-recovered damages.  

Then I reached out to friends with means to see if they would be willing to loan me money to move.  This could be considered a success.  I did have friends offer to loan me money to move.  Unfortunately, their loans did not equal near what I needed to make the relocation.

Yesterday, after several recommendations to use Go Fund Me, I started an account.  I was hesitant to share.  Flooded with concerns of rejection and judgment, I have received nothing but support and feel nothing less than GRATITUDE!  I could just kick myself for not starting sooner.
The stress is beginning to melt away and things seem to be falling into place.  My Go Fund Me campaign is off to a strong start.  In less than 24 hours I have raised $1007.00 towards my goal.  That is almost half!

Much thanks to the friends, acquaintances and strangers who are  generously giving to make this dream a reality. 

"Little by little becomes a lot!"

My sincerest gratitude,

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