Friday, March 13, 2015

Throwback Thursday | Caduceus Winery Summer 2013

{Image Description:  A bottle of Moscato D'Asti by Cupcake.}

Picked up a bottle of wine tonight.  It's a celebration.  A great interview led to an offer.  I start Monday. 

Now a glass in, I need to figure out a Throwback article.  Finally finish up Kisatchie article?  Nah.  Start a Monohan Sand Hills article?  Meh?  Catch you all up on our visit to a winery owned by one of our musical idols?  Perfect!

{Image Description:  James Maynard Keenan, front man of Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Pucifer, pouring wine at Caduceus Cellars in Jerome, AZ.  Image courtesy of Mutineer Magazine}

Brian and I are Tool fans from way back.  Over the years we have followed all of Maynard's musical side projects (A Perfect Circle and Pucifer) as well.  Pucifer's album Conditions of my Parole became our theme soundtrack, with songs about dust devils, for our trek across the American southwest.  So it's not surprising Brian found a connection to this artist not far from us in Jerome, AZ, when searching for things to do while we were there.  A winery selling wines produced by Maynard himself, we knew we had to check it out.  We made 2 trips to Caduceus Winery while living in Arizona. 
{Image Description:  Sculpture of Hindu god Ganesha}

Caduceus is a small store front / wine tasting bar with traditional bar seating in addition to 2 more private tasting nooks flanking each side of the door. Fresh bread is served with each flight, the smell draws you in and invites you to stay awhile.  We are suckers for fresh bread and amateur bakers ourselves. 
{Image Description: Delicious sugar cookie}
We selected a nook and awaited our flight (one dry / one sweet).   Truman was on his best behavior this first trip and we each enjoyed our tastings, while Truman munched on a Caduceus cookie. 

 On our second trip (as part of our whirlwind tour of Northern AZ) we were not quite so lucky with Truman's patience.  He had no desire to sit and munch appetizers while we sipped wine.  Brian remained to finish up our wine and snacks while I occupied Truman at the playground across the street. 

Done with his test taste, Brian picked up a bottle of wine for the road and made his way back to the Grand Hotel (where we had secured accommodations for the night).  Phone dead and thinking, hoping Brian had headed back up the hill, Truman and I made our way back up to the hotel as well. 
{Image Description:  Truman loaded up with a Caduceus brochure, menu, and sugar cookie} 

We stopped in to the restaurant hoping to find Brian had stopped for a night cap.  He wasn't there, so we made our way to the front desk and asked if they happened to see my husband.  They had, he had purchased two redneck wine glasses and was on the back patio of the hotel.  I ran back over to the restaurant to order take out and mentioned we were on the back patio.  "We can deliver it there." the greeter said with a smile.  The service at the Grand compares to none. 
{Image Description:  A bottle of our very own Caduceus wine along side our "red neck" wine glasses}

A wine-derful day, capped off with a private dinner on the back patio of the Jerome Grand Hotel, sunset in our view and Caduseus wine in our glasses.
{Image Description:  Family photo opportunity with our amazing "flight attendant"}

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