Thursday, April 2, 2015

My New Blogging Device

I am typing to you from my brand new iPad and it's Zagg bluetooth keyboard case, provided by my loyalty to Verizon Wireless.  Brian is sitting next to me on his own new HP.  Having been without my own laptop since last Spring, I am experiencing what can only be described a eurphoria over being able to type without effort, on a fully functional keyboard, and the words are appearing on the screen.  This may not sound like much, but to someone who is trying to produce consistent content on a blog it means the world.  No more lag.  No more lost documents.  No more headaches.  The following has nothing to do with travel and everything to do with customer service and customer satisfaction.

We found a store willing to finance customers with less than perfect credit.  They advised me over the phone that if I wanted the current sales I would need to stop in prior to the end of business that day.  So Tuesday afternoon I headed out to see if I could make a deal.  Our original plan was to get two laptops from the same place.  We hoped to be able to finance them with a "120 days same as cash" deal and pay them off before the interest hits in July.  I advised the sales person of our intent to purchase multiple computers and was told he would need manager approval.  After a brief wait the representative came back and let me in on the bad news.  Unfortunately, the store was unwilling to finance two laptops at once without prior established credit.  They did say if we could show a consistent payment history we would be eligible to purchase a second laptop in the future.

The inability to purchase two laptops at once definitely put a kink in our plans.  Brian is our IT expert and his projects require extensive screen time.  Producing consistent content comes from consistent writing, meaning I would need my own screen time.  I agreed to the terms and purchased the laptop for Brian.  It was back to the drawing board for solutions for my needs.

Over the last several months we had discussed getting me a better resource for blogging.  Brian felt a tablet keyboard combo would suit my needs nicely.  I balked at the idea, but our current hurdle made me reconsider.  I started researching what deals our cell phone provider had to offer.  I made multiple phone calls to the local Verizon stores for information on their tablets with keyboards that would be compatible with our Microsoft 365 software package.  I hadn't even considered a tablet's compatibility to my phone, but I'm glad they did.  We discussed some options and they encouraged me to stop into a store for further assistance.

I haven't been in a Verizon Store in quite some time.  Most of my interaction with Verizon has been via phone over the past several years.  It was a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.  They took my name and told me someone would be with me shortly to assist.  As I waited I noticed customers being helped all over the store.  An older woman sat on a bench while a representative sat on the floor next her helping her navigate her phone.  A group of preteen kids sat comparing tablets, while waiting on parents to make purchases.  I was initially concerned with bringing 2 preschoolers along, but that quickly subsided when surrounded by the family friendly atmosphere of the store.

A representative named Dani approached and asked how she could help.  We briefly discussed what I was looking for and she showed me some options to suit my needs.  Our plan is a bit tricky.  We are grandfathered in to unlimited data and though we have been asked numerous times to change we remain adamant in keeping this feature.  I had several questions regarding what a tablet would do to the cost of our service.  Dani took the time to answer each of my questions.  When she didn't know an answer, she went and found someone who did.  She listened to my needs and actually let me make my own decisions instead of pushing me towards one product or another.  Because of this, I feel more confident in this electronics purchase than any purchase previous.

The set up wasn't complete, but the boys had surpassed their limit.  Dinner time was fast approaching and I had to get Truman's friend home, as his Hobbins' Staycation was over.  I asked Dani if she could continue the process without me.  I could swing by on my way back towards home to pick it up.  Once again accomodating the needs of the customer, she said she would call when it was complete.

On my way back towards the store, I received the call letting me know it was ready to go.  And ready to go it was...Dani had even set up the Bluetooth keyboard.  All I had to do when I arrived home was sit down and type!

Thank you Dani of the 7252 Academy Blvd, 80920 Verizon Store!  You are an example of what good customer service should be!  If you are local definitely give them your business!

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